Photographer of the Week: Jay Massden

Based in Caen, France, Jay Massden is a quirky designer who dabbles in photography whilst devoting even more time and energy to the creation of music and videos. But it’s as a photographer that we’re looking at him today, and particular at some pictures he shot in 2014 at Geekopolis, France’s premier festival of all things… well, geeky.

His work shows a strong affinity for the ‘pseudo-Victorian futurist’ style known as steampunk, and he also has a passion for the color purple that sometimes even extends to the dyeing of his hair. Both steampunk and purple feature in the shoot that interests us, thanks in no small part to one of the models, Nina Sayers. Here she is, being a bit steampunky:

Massden Nina Sayers geekopolis

And here she’s having a ‘Marilyn moment’:

Massden Nina Sayers

Into costume now for the shoot, Nina:

Massden Nina Sayers in costume

And here’s what happened when she met Vincent Bénard:

Massden 2014 Vincent Benard & Nina Sayers

If you are interested in Massden’s work, please visit his website.

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