Photographer of the Week: Sebastian Pilch

Cookery and photography are Sebastian Pilch’s chief passions. Those who haven’t been to Key West, Florida, to sample his culinary creations must be satisfied with his imaginative imagery.

SHP 0C2A6898-1903x1078

He shoots on film, but edits the results digitally. Personally I’d have liked him to edit a second, seated figure into that woodland scene, but we can’t have everything, and it is still a gorgeous photograph.

But our main concern today is with an Asian girl who somehow found herself in a BDSM dungeon:

Sebastian Pilch Dungeon 1

Many of the things she saw and experienced down there are too heavy to be of much interest, but she did find herself prone at one point:

Sebastian Pilch Dungeon 2

And after that, something else happened to her:

SHP Photos IMG_9421-1903x1089

If you are interested in Sebastian’s work, please visit his website.

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