Spank the Superheroine

Massachusetts comic artist David Marshall publishes both in print and online, drawing in a masterly range of genres and styles. But for our purposes his most significant source of inspiration is the 1960s Batgirl:

Batgirl 01

For a long time, it was his declared intention to produce a story in which Batgirl would get spanked. Cue mass celebration all over Gotham City and beyond! Specifically, it was to be Batgirl as incarnated by Yvonne Craig in the Adam West TV show:

Yvonne Craig

But on October 23, 2010, those plans were disrupted when he accepted a challenge: the annual ’24-hour comic challenge’, in fact, which requires an artist to produce a 24-page comic – usually a whole month’s work – in just 24 hours, drawing one page in each consecutive hour. So Batgirl’s comeuppance was put on hold, though the 24-hour Training Daze at least included an acknowledgement of that disappointment…

Batgirl 03

… and also a little something by way of compensation, or preview…

Batgirl 04

‘See you at the finished version?’ Sadly not. Batgirl’s Bad Day, begun in 2007, remains unfinished, and only the first four pages were ever released online. The bad day begins when Batgirl tries to help as Batman and Robin are pursuing the Joker, but only succeeds in knocking down her crime-fighting allies. Batman sets off in pursuit of the escaping supervillain, leaving Robin to deal with Batgirl…

Batgirl's Bad Day 1Batgirl's Bad Day 2Batgirl's Bad Day 3

And that’s only the end of page 4! I’m guessing that, if Dave ever finishes the 24-page story, Batgirl hasn’t made her last mistake or had her last spanking of the day!

But Dave draws other characters too, including his own creations and also a small subsection of Doctor Who comics. There’s no ‘Sarah Jane gets spanked’ on offer there just yet, more’s the pity, but he has made a contribution to that ever-popular genre, the spanking adventures of Wonder Woman. OK, he changed her to Marvel Woman for reasons of parody, but we know what we’re actually getting!

The Yeoman (2014) was originally going to be set in the 1970s television series with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman…

Lynda Carter

… but though Lynda remained the visual reference for the character, the story ended up set in the early days of the original comic book – to be precise, in 1942. Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess Diana, has taken the secret identity of Diana Prince (or, for the parody, Diane Aprince), and she now works in the US military as secretary to pilot Steve Trevor. Unfortunately, her superhero duties impact the quality of her secretarial work, and eventually Steve decides to do something about it. What she needs is…

Wonder Woman

The delicious irony of the situation is that she could easily escape, but only at the cost of revealing her secret identity – so she just has to lie there and take it! As it goes on, the story, and the spanking, becomes progressively more risqué, eventually in ways that won’t be to all tastes, and it’s lucky for her that she’s wearing 1940s undies beneath her uniform and not her star-spangled Wonder Woman panties:

Wonder Woman 1Wonder Woman 2

I think Dave missed a trick there: a superheroine’s secret identity compromised because she wasn’t expecting anyone to pull up her skirt for a spanking! But that could be a whole other story… maybe with 1970s Wonder Woman this time?

If you are interested in Dave Marshall’s work, please pay a visit to his website.

One thought on “Spank the Superheroine

  1. jimc says:

    Quite an interesting collection of spanked heroines. I have never seen the Wonder Woman so that is a great thrill and I love Batgirl getting spanked. I would love to see the spanking in Dr. Who illustrated with a nice otk. Now of course Supergirl is the next heroine and I do not know rather to root for the current one or the classic with Helen Slater as Supergirl. Back to the Batgirl spanking Barbara Gordon was older than Robin so for Robin to be the spanker was a great twist and he did have some great coloring and positions. Thanks for the great finds and commentary. Have agreat day.


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