Photographer of the Week: Aurelien Jouanen

Aurelien Jouanen comes from Toulouse, but does much of his work on the road around France, Belgium and, latterly, Germany. He shoots actuality rather than professional models, and beauty cannot be said to be high on his agenda. The photographs are often stark, using natural outdoor light or indoor chiaroscuro, and both people and environment tend to look a little, well, grimy.

Aurelien Jouanen 00Aurelien Jouanen 01

His interest, he says, lies in probing the depths of humanity: complexes and shame, dreams and nightmares, phobias and neuroses and fantasies.

Aurelien Jouanen 02

In particular, he’s drawn to people whose lifestyle choices and appearance are unconventional. Often they’ll be covered with tattoos and piercings:

Aurelien Jouanen 03

In 2013, he shot a set which he entitled ‘Une Famille Ordinaire’ – an ordinary family.

Aurelien Jouanen 04

Perhaps not entirely ordinary, then. But one aspect of ordinary family life was present and correct when Jouanen’s camera came to call:

Aurelien Jouanen 05

If you are interested in Aurelien Jouanen’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

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