Photographer of the Week: Spyridon Kakouris

Spiros K St Patrick

Notwithstanding this fine example of his pinup work, Spyridon Kakouris is based at the opposite end of Europe from the Emerald Isle: he’s an Athenian. But he’s also a well traveled man…

Spiros K bike

So his photography isn’t in the least parochial: its vistas include landscapes…

Spiros K landscape


Spiros K seascape 1


Spiros K cityscape


Spiros K punk

Spiros K HandygirlSpiros K ice cream

His interests range from museums to urban graffiti to cats, but aside from photography, Spyridon’s other passion in life is science fiction. Some of his travels have taken him to sci-fi conventions the world over, which gives him a lot of opportunities to shoot cosplay. And while there are some striking bottoms in his pinup portfolio, it was his cosplay work that enabled him to shoot a bottom being struck. It happened at the ‘Scools In’ party in Athens on September 11, 2010. Here’s the anime ‘scoolgirl’ in question:

Spiros K Scools In

And here’s what happened to her:

Spiros K spanking

It is Spyridon’s maxim, and an excellent one, that you should always strive for the best. If you would like to see more of his striving, and more of his outstanding achievements, please visit his website. And also go here.

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