Spanked in the Street

Three times a week, Fred le Chevalier walks the streets of Paris, papering the walls with his distinctive artwork. He was once arrested for defacement, but the charges were swiftly dropped – evidently someone high up liked his work.

Fred le Chevalier 01

And why not? It’s simple yet subtle, and pleasingly optimistic in its outlook on life. And if for some reason you don’t like a particular piece, it’s only outdoor wallpaper, and will soon disintegrate or be washed away.

‘I’m not interested in being provocative,’ says Fred. What he enjoys ‘is that people can create their own meaning. I like when people appropriate my drawings and recount their stories with their own imagination.’

One day a girlfriend of his made a request. Would he do a drawing showing one of his lady characters being spanked? And as Fred later commented, you should never refuse to give a friend a smack when she asks for one!

Fred le Chevalier 02

‘Don’t worry,’ says the title, ‘it’s only a caress.’ Which sounds suspiciously like an echo of a certain popular song by Georges Brassens

Here it is on the wall, with a little added spot color:

Fred le Chevalier 03

‘This one is for me,’ said appreciative passers by. In fact, it was such a popular piece that it was put onto a T-shirt, seen here being modeled by Mademoiselle Clotaire:

Fred le Chevalier 04 Clotilde

And here it is, flipped, worn by the Parisian fetish model Baby J:

Fred le Chevalier 05 Baby J

If you want it to adorn your torso too, you can buy one here.

Fred le Chevalier 06

And if you are interested in Fred’s work (and can read French), please visit his blog.

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