Photographer of the Week: Mandy Little

Mandy Little of Mount Holly, New Jersey, was a talented painter who began photographing models to give her a visual reference for her work. She grew fascinated … and became a talented pin-up photographer.

Since 2007, she has shot for her own firm, Bombshell Pinups, which offers many ways to make a woman feel sexy or glamorous.

Bombshell Pinups 01Bombshell Pinups 02

A range of custom-built sets and props lets Mandy introduce an element of fantasy, where desired:

Bombshell Pinups 03Bombshell Pinups 04

Something closer to home can also be arranged, like in this publicity shot for a firm supplying adult parties for special occasions:

Bombshell Pinups 05 Stepfanie & Edward Gentry

Blonde bombshell Mandy sometimes appears in her own shots, like this wrestling sequence in which she initially has the upper hand…

Bombshell Pinups 06

Don’t count on it staying that way, Mandy!

Bombshell Pinups 07

But lovely Cheryl loses out in the end.

Bombshell Pinups 08

You can’t beat the photographer!

And Mandy’s very first shoot at Bombshell Pinups, back in 2007, also featured a spanking, in which the blonder of the two models was burlesque artist Ruby von Vanity.

Bombshell Pinups 09 ruby von Vanity

Somebody’s given Ruby a gift.

Bombshell Pinups 10 (1)

Oh dear, it looks like somebody else is feeling covetous.

Bombshell Pinups 10 (2)

This’ll teach her!

Bombshell Pinups 10 (3)

Or will it…?

Bombshell Pinups 10 (4)

The wages of spanking is…?

Bombshell Pinups 10 (5)

Even if you think that’s a bit disproportionate, you may still be interested in Mandy’s work! If so, please visit her website. And to see another spanking from her lens, go here.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Mandy Little

  1. Richard Windsor says:

    This set always puts a smile on my face because the model in the wrestling shoot, Cheryl, is actually a friend of mine in real life through the Rockabilly scene. She also did some work for Viva Van Story and if I’m not mistaken there are some posed spanking pics in there as well with a girl by the name of Brooklyn Babydoll. I might be wrong but I’m sure there is at least one.


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