Two Brides Spanked by Two Brothers


The 1954 film musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and its 1978 stage adaptation, offers many different delights: pretty girls… spectacular dance numbers… the spectacle of pretty girls dancing in their underwear… One delight it doesn’t offer, regrettably, is a spanking scene. But if, like me, you also enjoy OTS imagery, there’s often some compensation…


The musical retells a legend from the civic history of ancient Rome, about the abduction of the Sabine women, updated and relocated to the old American west. In this version of the story, the seven backwoods brothers meet girls they like, feud with rival suitors from the town, and eventually outsmart them by kidnapping the gals. Which can only mean some dismayed, upended ladies…


Those are examples from productions of the stage version, which is now performed quite widely all over the world. Which means it has to be rehearsed, too, in the actors’ own clothes:

08 Charlene Ford and James Leece

And, of course, it needs publicity:

1011097 brides 2013

And what’s true in the 21st century was also true in 1954: the OTS brides were featured in the original film poster both in the US…

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Quad

… and elsewhere:


But what most centrally concerns us is the studio publicity photoshoot for the movie. Meet the brides:


Get dressed at once, you naughty girls! Into the studio with you! And where’s bride number seven?


That’s better.

Nearest the camera is the top-billed bride, played by Jane Powell, four years before she donned her polka-dot swimsuit to get spanked by George Nader in The Female Animal (1958). She’d better watch out when the brides meet the brothers…


… because hers is none other than Howard Keel, just nine months after he played Fred and Petruchio in the 1953 film version of Kiss Me Kate! But perhaps he tired himself out spanking Kathryn Grayson, because when it was abduction time…


But things got really interesting when the photographer decided he wanted some variety in the way the girls were being manhandled. Jane Powell still kept her feet on the ground, but Nancy Kigas was swept up in her man’s arms, while Ruta Lee was carried underarm. Over the shoulder went Norma Doggett and Julie Newmar, better known for her future role as Catwoman. And as for Betty Carr and Virginia Gibson… Well, they were spanked!


Doing the honors are, on the left, Tommy Rall with Betty, and Jacques d’Amboise with Virginia on the right. Thank you, gentlemen!

One thought on “Two Brides Spanked by Two Brothers

  1. jimc says:

    Yes, I always thought that those images were a prequel to a spanking and they were pretty women and of course at the time I would imagine that women were spanked by their husbands and of course their fathers as well. Great pics and commentary thank you and have a great day.


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