Photographer of the Week: Jeff Mawer

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jeff Mawer has developed a quirky, witty style of photography that combines vibrant color…

Jeff Mawer fleshtone

… with dynamic, kinetic images of women who are slightly, or more than slightly, off balance.

Jeff Mawer witchJeff Mawer bounceJeff Mawer shavingJeff MawerJeff Mawer panties

Now meet the lady who’s going to be off balance for us in an especially interesting way.

Jeff Mawer Kayla Kilby port 2

Her name is Kayla Kilby, and if she looks just a little apprehensive in the next photo, she’s right to be.

Jeff Mawer Kayla Kilby port

On July 28, 2013, she met with her cuddly costar in the park. Here he is:

Jeff Mawer Bear 1

She forgave him, it seems:

Jeff Mawer Bear 3

Horseplay ensued:

Jeff Mawer bear

And the bear took stern measures:

Jeff Mawer Kayla Kilby

In fact, he must have been an extraordinarily stern bear, or she an extraordinarily naughty model, because then he gave her a second spanking the other way round!

Jeff Mawer Kayla Kilby spanked

Or could it be that Jeff Mawer simply flipped the photo…?

If you are interested in Jeff’s outstanding body of work, please visit his website.

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