Punnami Nagu

In the 2009 Indian fantasy movie, Punnami Nagu, a careless sorceress loses one of a pair of magical cobras that are the key to world domination. In order to lure back the errant ophidian, she must find a female virgin with a unique birthmark. Even if we don’t buy into the loopy plot, what matters to us is that the virgin in question looks like this…

01 Mumaith Khan

… and that for one sequence in the movie, she’s dressed like this:


She’s the popular Bollywood actress and dancer Mumait Khan, and the sequence in question is one of those set-piece song-and-dance numbers that so often seem to jostle their way into Indian cinema, no matter what the genre:

With the heavy use of montage in the scene, it was inevitable that something was going to end up on the cutting room floor, and it was unfortunate that one of the off-cuts was what she got from her co-star Rajeev Kanakala as she climbed onto the jet-ski.


Luckily for us, the photographer recorded what happened next:


Applause, please, for Mumait Khan!

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