Photographer of the Week: Elle Stew

Stylish Italian photographer Elle Stew manages to combine the heights of sensuality with a striking impersonality.


She often frames shots to exclude the models’ faces…


… or else chooses poses where the faces are otherwise hidden:


So we get the impression of the camera eavesdropping on other lives that are unaware of its presence…


… giving especial power to the pictures that do feature eye contact,


as if the model has suddenly spotted an intruder – us!


Elle mainly shoots in monochrome, which gives her work a quality of calm stylishness,



and many of the shots are accompanied with philosophical captions in her native Italian.

So when she shoots a spanking, she doesn’t capture the dynamism of the moment or its human drama, but rather its sensuality and a paradoxical stillness.

Here’s one she shot in 2014, inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey:

14 2014

The caption translates as: ‘He can take me, screw me, spank me, even love me… but possess me – well, that’s another story.’

And in 2015 she shot this follow-up picture:

15 2015

If you are interested in Elle’s work, please visit her website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Elle Stew

  1. jimc says:

    I do love the positioning of the hands of this photographer. I love his positioning otk as well. Thanks for sharing these great works by all these different artists we do find their work to be most enjoyable and are always glad to find new spankings. Have a great day.


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