Photographer of the Week: Alexander Mavrin


Alexander Mavrin from St Petersburg is a man with a sure eye for beauty. Obviously I mean the beauty of the city of Venice. And obviously I also mean the beauty of booty.


He shoots them clothed…


He shoots them bare…



He shoots them in their underwear…


Out of doors…


And inside too…


And his work benefits from a real sense of not just the sensuality of the human body, but the sexiness of clothing as well:


He has shot erotica for magazines, including Playboy, and also commercial work. Here’s a picture from a promotional shoot for the Swiss watch firm Bomberg:


It may not be entirely clear whether she’s being spanked or fondled there, but in the shoot that mainly interests us, from 2014, there’s no doubt at all. The models are Maksin Marcinkevich and Aliya Lando. Here she is:

29 Aliya Lando30 Aliya Lando

And here they are in what appear to be rather formal circumstances:

31 Aliya Lando and Maksin Marcinkevich

He looks, shall we say, a little less than pleased with her.

32 Aliya Lando and Maksin Marcinkevich

It seems she’s been naughty, and deserves…

33 Aliya Lando spanked by Maksin Marcinkevich

If you are interested in Alexander Mavrin’s work, please visit his online portfolio. And for another Mavrin spanking shot, go here.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Alexander Mavrin

  1. jimc says:

    wow that is a great bottom photographer. I enjoy this artists works very much esp.. the otk, but I do think he had some really great poses for the models and quite spankable outfits and positioning. Great finds thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great day.


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