Photographer of the Week: Terry Mendoza

‘If it can be imagined, it can be created,’ says pin-up photographer Terry Mendoza, whose firm Retro Photostudio is based in Essex, England. He works in two distinct stages: getting the right image inside the camera, complete with smooth, even lighting and meticulous attention to costume, hair and make-up. Then he manipulates the pictures with Photoshop to move them onto a whole new imaginative level.

Terry Mendoza 00

Terry Mendoza 01

Terry is a strong advocate of giving every picture a clear rationale:

The incredible thing in the original pin-up art is the way a single image can encapsulate a complete humorous story-line… it may be implausible, but it generally involves a logical reason for a young lady being in a state of undress!

So many modern ‘photo pin-ups’ fail this logic test. Countless girls bending forward, eyes wide and rounded mouth expressing shock… but why? OK, maybe her stocking tops are showing, but unless she has a reason for bending forward, say to pick something up, there is no logic to the image.

All of which also applies to good spanking photography, of course! And, happily, there are several spankings in Terry’s pin-up portfolio. As is customary, let’s begin by meeting the models. As is also customary in this series, not all of the introductions will be made in Terry’s own photos.

First up for a sore bottom is Sailor Cherry, a lady of variable hair color.

Terry Mendoza 02 Sailor CherryTerry Mendoza 03 Sailor CherryTerry Mendoza 04 Sailor Cherry

The lady who will ensure that she also has variable bottom color is Betty Havok.

Terry Mendoza 05 Betty HavokTerry Mendoza 06 Betty HavokTerry Mendoza 07 Betty Havok

Is she going to beat the dust out of her washing… or out of Sailor Cherry?

Terry Mendoza 08 Sailor Cherry spanked by Betty Havok

Here’s a pair of cheeky young ladies named Rayna Terror and Ruby Fortune:

Terry Mendoza 09 Rayna Terror & Ruby Fortune

Rayna seems to be encouraging vandalism here:

Terry Mendoza 10 Rayna Terror & Katie Evans

But Rayna’s reign of terror is short-lived, thanks to Ruby’s retribution!

Terry Mendoza 11 Rayna Terror spanked by Ruby Fortune

And lastly, a pair we’ve met before.

Terry Mendoza 12 October & Sinderella

The black hair and the riding whip belong to October DiVine, and the blonde is Sinderella Rockafella. We previously encountered them in a shoot for Jimmy Deas in which Sinderella got spanked. And it appears that Sinderella is a naughty girl…

Terry Mendoza 13 SinderellaTerry Mendoza 16 Sinderella

A very naughty girl…

Terry Mendoza 15 SinderellaTerry Mendoza 14 Sinderella

A very, very naughty girl…

Terry Mendoza 17 Sinderella Rockafella soanked by October DiVine

Making a very, very good spanking pin-up!

If you are interested in Terry’s work, please visit his website. More spanking from him can be seen here.

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