Spank the Stripper

Back in the mid-1990s, Australian model and guitarist Gary Hughes ran GirlSchool, a troupe of strippers whose gimmick was that their ‘starting-point’ in terms of costume was, you guessed it, school uniform.

The girls were recent school leavers in their late teens, so there was no need for much of a costume budget: they simply retrieved their own recently discarded school uniforms from the back of the closet!

It turned out that this created a few discipline problems with some of the girls – and gave Gary an idea about how to handle them:

‘As soon as my girls put their old school uniforms on they’re jumping around and generally behaving like 17-year-olds again. It’s a great atmosphere to work in, but sometimes they can get out of hand. So it’s a quick six of the best to keep them in line, if you know what I mean!’

To publicize the troupe, Gary organized a photo shoot in his old school playground one night, with himself in teacher’s gown and mortar board. But one of the leading girls, Brooke Williats, misbehaved. And so…


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