Living in Sin

Once or twice a month, the kinksters of Vancouver come out to play. Dressed every one of them in outlandishly sexy outfits, they’re headed for Sin… Sin City, to be precise, the regular ‘fetish night’ party that is the kinky highlight of that ultra-kinky part of the world. And when they get there, there’s a reasonable chance that some of them are going to get…

01 Sin City 201202 Sin Ciy 2012

Sin City Fetish Night celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this month. It was established in May 2001 to create a party environment that was welcoming, sexy and safe.

02a sin city 200802b Sin city 2009 halloween

As it says in the small print, there’s a strict dress code: if you’re not dressed up in a fetish costume, you won’t be admitted.

04 Sin City 201403 Sin city 2010 march05 Sin city 2009 june 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Giving yourself some coverage may be a sensible precaution.

06a Sin City NYE 201506b Sin City NYE 201506c Sin City NYE 2015

And sturdy leather has its uses as armor plating.

06d Sin city 2008 new year's eve06e Sin city 200806g Sin City 201506h Sin City 201506f Sin city 2009 april

Other choices may not keep out the sting in quite the same way.

06i Sin CIty 2007 Halloween 2

And some costumes carry an obvious element of risk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA06j Sin City NYE 201506k Sin city 2009 feb06l Sin city 2009 june

You have been warned!

06m Sin city 2013 march06n Sin city 2013 march

06n1 Sin City NTE 201506n2 Sin City NYE 201506o Sin City 200606p Sin city 2009 march06q Sin city 2009 feb06r Sin city 2009 feb06s Sin city 2009 may06t Sin city 2008 new year's eve

Some brave girls find a way to avoid having their skirts lifted for a spanking.

06u Sin city 2008 new year's eve06w Sin city 201206v Sin City Halloween 2015

But you might regret not wearing sensible panties.

06x1 Sin City Halloween 2015 106x2 Sin City Halloween 2015 2

Or simply not wearing panties!

06y Sin City 2015 xmas

So, to recap: you must be wearing a fetish costume, but underwear is optional. And in fact the definition of ‘fetish’ wear is pretty flexible:

07 Sin CIty 2007 Halloween08 Sin city 2008 new year's eve 1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s often inventive cosplay or fancy dress, with added hotness:

10 Sin City Halloween 2015

Though not every costume is straightforwardly classifiable as sexy:

11 Sin CIty 201612 Sin City 201613 Sin City 2016

Well, there’s no accounting for tastes, but the point is that everyone, even the demon rabbit, has made an effort and earned their place at the party.

Sin City is a metro-kink environment: all tastes are welcome, no matter how unaccountable, and the party keeps itself turning over by having a different theme each time. One month it might be a ‘military fetish ball’:

14 Sin City 2008 Military13 Sin City 200715 Sin City 2007 May

And the next month a kinky circus:

16 Sin city 2008 circus17 Sin city 2008 circus18 Sin city 2009 circus

Or the Church of Sin, which has but one punishment for sins, whether venial or venal:


Partygoers might be encouraged to dress up as anything from heroes and villains…

22 Sin city 2010 heroes and villains 123 Sin city 2010 heroes and villains 2

24 Sin city 2010 heroes and villains 325 Sin city 2010 heroes and villains 4

… to furry friends:

26 Sin city 201227 Sin city 2012 scarlet harlots28 Sin city 2013 jan

And of course, you can be fairly sure there’ll be some sore bottoms at Christmas…

28a Sin City Xmas 201328b Sin City Xmas 201328c Sin City Xmas 201328d Sin City Xmas 201328e Sin city 2008 xmas28f Sin City Xmas 201428g Sin City Xmas 2015 022628h Sin City Xmas28i Sin City 2015 Xmas28j Sin CIty 2015 xmas 0602

Why, they even have a strand of parties entitled Spank! And it seems to be addictive. Sometimes a guy will spank a girl at Sin City…

29 Sin City 2014 Xmas30 Sin City 2014 Xmas

And then come back for more…

31 Sin City 2015 Xmas31a Sin City Xmas 201532 Sin City Xmas 201533 Sin City Xmas 201534 Sin City Xmas 201535 Sin City Xmas 201536 Sin City Xmas 201537 Sin City Xmas 201538 Sin City Xmas 2015

And more…

39 Sin City New Year's Eve 2015

No, he’s not the only serial spanker. Here’s another couple enjoying themselves more than once…

40 Sin city 2008 new year's eve

41 Sin city 2009 march42 Sin city 2009 march

Now, it does have to be said that when, in any nightclub photobooth, the thoughts of a pair of kinksters turn to spanking, you can’t always guarantee that it’ll be proper spanking.

43 Sin City 201544 Sin City 201645 Sin city 2009 feb

‘Spanking benches’ are available.

46 Sin City 201549 Sin city 2009 march47 Sin city 201048 Sin city 2010

But they’re no substitute for the human lap, and thankfully some spanking partygoers do make an effort.

50 Sin city 2010 xmas49 Sin city 200951 Sin city 2013 jan52 Sin City 2016

Sometimes they have some success.

53 Sin City 2014 jan53a Sin city 2009 sept54 Sin City NYE 201555 Sin City 2014

And sometimes they have a lot of success!

56 Sin city 2009 june 357 Sin city 2009 june 458 Sin city 2009 june 559 Sin city 2011

Happy anniversary, Sin City Fetish Night!

If you are interested in Sin City, don’t miss further pictures of the goings-on there in Vanilla Spanking’s articles on the excellent event photographers Atratus and Patrick Parenteau. And if you want to go to a party, please visit the Sin City Fetish Night website.

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