Photographer of the Week: Taralea Cutler

Toronto-based Taralea Cutler specializes in photographing special moments. Her portfolio includes some beautiful engagement and wedding photography…

Taralea Cutler 01

… and other lovely shots celebrating couples and families and their love for one another.

Taralea Cutler 02

She also shoots for businesses, and in 2006 she was booked for a session to publicize the Toronto troupe Rebel Burlesque. One of the performers to be featured was Sauci Cala Horra, who is said to approach burlesque dancing as a feminist statement:

Taralea Cutler 03 Rebel Burlesque Sauci Cala Horra 2006

The other performer was… well, we don’t know under all that fur!

Taralea Cutler 04

But what really matters is what he did to Sauci:

Taralea Cutler 05 Sauci Cala Horra

I don’t know if being spanked by a monkey counts as a special moment, but Rebel Burlesque obviously thought so, because here’s how they advertised their next show:

Taralea Cutler 06 Rebel Burlesque Sauci Cala Horra 2006

If you are interested in Taralea’s work, please visit her website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Taralea Cutler

  1. jimc says:

    do you remember the movie GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH there was an act that had this same picture (ape spanking female in similar costume) and that was over 50 years ago just to show that certain spankings are timeless. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day.


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