Photographer of the Week: Andrew Fowler

Locomotives and lovelies are the usual objects of Cumbria-based Andrew Fowler’s camera lens. For Lure of Steam, he organizes events giving enthusiasts the opportunity to photograph heritage railways in Britain. And for Picture House Portraits, he shoots splendid, vibrant retro and pin-up pictures. We’re only going to be paying attention to one side of his work, though it’s a moot point which could be called the steamier of the two.

01 Andrew Fowler

The particular shoot that earns him a place in this series took place on March 18, 2016, and featured Matty Eames and the improbably named Venus von Schweetz. Here’s Venus on washing day:

02 Venus von Schweetz

And here she is on March 18, handling some other domestic chores.

03 Andrew Fowler

Is she trying to attract attention from us…

04 Andrew Fowler

… or Matty?

05 Andrew Fowler

Looks like she’s managed both!

06 Andrew Fowler Venus von Schweetz spanked by Matty Eames

If you are interested in Andrew Fowler’s work, please visit the Picture House Portraits website.

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