Photographer of the Week: Kelly van Wonterghem

Kelly van Wonterghem is a conceptual portrait photographer who eschews conventional types of portraiture, and tries to make each photograph tell a story. The portfolio is shared with a partner, Freddy van Wonterghem, and together they shoot, among other things, pin-up photos in the rockabilly style that’s associated with the American south. But they do it in the European north: their firm, FVW Photography, is based in the Belgian town of Zulte.

The set that interests us puns on their surname: Wonterland. The shoot was a collaboration, but it was Kelly who took the spanking picture itself. Before we view it, though, let’s meet Kelly’s other indispensable collaborators, the models. First, Scarlet Rose.

Kelly van Wonterghem 02 Scarlet RoseKelly van Wonterghem 03 Scarlet RoseKelly van Wonterghem 01 Scarlet Rose

And Flower Berry.

Kelly van Wonterghem 04 Flower Berry

Here they are together… in Wonterland!

Kelly van Wonterghem 05

But maybe things are just a little more Wonterful for Scarlet than for Flower?

Kelly van Wonterghem 06

If you fancy taking a trip to Wonterland yourself, please visit FVW Photography’s website.

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