Spank the Idol

The 1990s Swedish dance group Army of Lovers are probably best known internationally for their hit song ‘Crucified’. The year after that was released, 1992, a change of line-up saw them joined by Polish-born singer Dominika Peczynski, who stayed with them till they split up in 2003. Here she is:

01 dominika02 Dominika Peczynski03 Dominika-Peczynski

In the 2010s, Army of Lovers had a reunion, and Dominika joined in. And during a performance of ‘Crucified’ in a guest spot on the October 16, 2015, edition of Swedish Idol, band member Alexander Bard did something rather unexpected:

04 Swedish Idol

So unexpected, in fact, that at first the cameraman remained preoccupied with lead singer Jean-Pierre Barda:

Dominika seems quite surprised too:

05 2015 Army of Lovers Swedish Idol

The audience loved it, and the press took an interest.

06 Swedish Idol

And what seems to have most interested them is the fact that Dominika was in a relationship with a senior politician, former Finance Minister Anders Borg. And what’s more, he was in the audience to see his girlfriend get spanked on stage.

07 Swedish Idol

Luckily, he approved!

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