Photographer of the Week: Mic Ardant

Parisian Mic Ardant specializes in two types of subject: serene still life and sensuous female nudes. Perhaps understandably, it’s the nudes that get more of the world’s attention, and – guess what? – we’re no exception.

Mic Ardant 01

His graceful pictures are notable for their powerful yet subtle use of the colors red and black, often in the furniture or the few clothes being worn by the models.

Mic Ardant 02

Here’s one of today’s models, named Amandine-Chérie.

Mic Ardant 03a Amandine Cherie

Here she is with her fellow model, Jenny.

Mic Ardant 04 Amandine Cherie & Jenny G

Hmm, here’s an idea…

Mic Ardant 05

So how about some ‘sensual ludic behavior’?

Mic Ardant 06 Sensual Ludic Behavior

No kidding, that’s the title of the photo. But if you prefer plain English, let’s just call it playful spanking.

If you are interested in Mic Ardant’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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