Photographer of the Week: Roland Klampfer

Roland Klampfer, from Horn in Austria, says he doesn’t know if there is such a thing as a ‘normal photographer’, but if there is, he’s not one of them. He loves photographing people, in all states of dress and undress.

Roland Klampfer 01aaRoland Klampfer 01a

Roland Klampfer 01bRoland Klampfer 01Roland Klampfer 01cRoland Klampfer 01d

He works in genres from gothic to fetish to everyday life.

Roland Klampfer 02Roland Klampfer 02a

And his models often get to work with some species of animals. The shoot that interests us, involving one model and one animal, took place on February 20, 2016. The model was Jasi Jasiii. Here she is:

Roland Klampfer Jasi Jasiii

And here’s an alternative view:

Roland Klampfer Jasi

She brought her fellow model along with her… apparently against his will.

Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 000

Maybe that explains why the photo set is entitled The Angry Bear. And when bears get angry…

Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 1Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 2Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 3 model Ja Si set called The ANgry BearRoland Klampfer Angry Bear 4

This particular bear seems to have been really angry:

Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 5Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 6Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 7

But there was a happy ending: kiss and make up, Jasi.

Roland Klampfer Angry Bear 0

If you are interested in Roland’s work, please visit his website, but with this warning: whatever you may think about spanking bears, approach his portfolio with caution if you don’t like snakes.

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