Chat, Chat, Whack, Whack!

Remember the deres, the whacking bench used to ensure that naughty lady tourists have a really memorable trip to Slovakia?

Deres Spiss Castle

It gave its name to a television chat show that launched in 1999 and ran for some years. The stars of Deres were the veteran comedians Oliver Andrasy and Elena Vacvalova, dressed for some reason in period costume.

Deres 02

The idea of the show was that, each week, they and the studio audience would put a different guest, usually a prominent Slovak politician, on the deres. No, not literally: this was Satire and Mockery, not the other kind of S and M! Though Oliver was sometimes armed with a whip to reinforce the metaphor.

Deres 03 Oliver Andrasy

And when Elena and Oliver did a photo session in 1999 to publicize the show, the whip came too. But with no politicians to menace, it was put to different use:

Deres book 1999

That’s the cover of a spin-off book that was published in 1999. But somewhat more interesting is the sketch CD they released a year later:

Oliver & Ena


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