Photographer of the Week: Norman Szkop

Norman Szkop is a French photographer based in Brussels whose work is characterized by its uncommon poise and still serenity.

Norman Szkop ballerina 1

He first took up photography in his youth using an old black-and-white camera his father gave him, but dropped the hobby for many years. In 2009, he took it up again, first shooting the striking buildings and landscapes of his part of Europe, then a range of actuality subjects from car shows to cosplay. In 2012, he began to work with models…

The model who matters today is Alexandra Dechmann:

Norman Szkop Alexandra 0

But for what’s about to happen to her, Norman also needed the services of a male model named Arno.

The shoot in question took place on February 15, 2014, and was entitled ‘The Man of God’. It was based around a ‘vicars and tarts’ theme.

Norman Szkop Man of God 0

And we can imagine what terrible temptation a tart must pose to Father Arno… especially when she’s dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl.

Norman Szkop Man of God 1

How should he deal with her?

Norman Szkop Man of God 2

Well, that’s one option. But wouldn’t it be better if…

Norman Szkop

If you are interested in Norman’s work, please visit his website.

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