Photographer of the Week: Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas of Cardiff specializes in photographing performance, capturing the dynamism of the moment without distracting the performer.

Rachel Thomas 00 burlesque

A few years ago, she got together for a shoot in a cellar with a couple of burlesque dancers called Didi Curve and Honey Holiday, otherwise known offstage as Ceri Harris and Nana Rimmer. Here’s Honey:

Honey Holiday

And, more to the point, here she is onstage:

Honey Holiday burlesque

She’s the one sitting down – something she wasn’t doing after the shoot we’re looking at, because it was one of the ubiquitous glamor shoots that took Bettie Page as the theme… and Didi had the whip hand…

Rachel Thomas 00 Ceri Harris & Honey Holiday 0

Which meant that Honey had to bend over…

Rachel Thomas 01 Ceri Harris & Honey Holiday 1Rachel THomas 02 Ceri Harris & Honey Holiday

Not quite effective enough, is it? Well, Didi, you could try…

Rachel Thomas 03 Ceri Harris & Honey Holiday 2

But let’s face it, the only way to deal properly with a naughty girl is…

Rachel Thomas 04 Ceri Harris spanking Honey Holiday

See what I mean?

Rachel Thomas 05 Ceri Harris & Honey Holiday

Well, Honey, I did say you weren’t going to be sitting down for a while!

If you are interested in Rachel’s work, please visit her website.

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