Photographer of the Week: LeZandra Persinger

As a teenager, LeZandra Persinger had an unusual ambition: she wanted to be a sex therapist. But gradually she discovered another way of achieving the same objectives… through photography!

LeZandra 01

She set up in business as a commercial photographer in 2010, and found herself especially drawn to one type of work. So from 2013 she decided to specialize in boudoir photography, the genre in which women express themselves and their sexuality through alluring poses which often become love-gifts for their menfolk.

LeZandra 02LeZandra 03LeZandra 04

Based in Norfolk, Virginia, LeZandra says she now lives and breathes boudoir. She taught herself her signature use of light to sculpt the curves of her clients to best advantage, and she loves helping them to find confidence in themselves.

LeZandra 05LeZandra 06LeZandra 07

She’s especially interested in working with military wives, whose marriages often endure unique pressures in the modern world, and one way she encourages husbands to connect with their women is through the boudoir sub-genre of erotic ‘couples’ photography. And it’s a pleasure to report that sometimes the result is what Ewan is doing to Breanna here:

LeZandra 08

Another couple in need of some lens therapy were Miss H and Mr T, as LeZandra discreetly calls them. He had just returned home from a deployment, but needed to find a way to reconnect with her. Since Miss H had already posed for LeZandra, she suggested a couples shoot, and complete with a spicy theme: Fifty Shades of Grey. At first, Mr T was a little camera-shy… but not for long!

LeZandra 09

If you are interested in LeZandra’s work, please visit her website.

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