Photographer of the Week: Larry Alan

Los Angeles-based Larry Alan’s artistic credo is simple: ‘I take pictures.’ And what pictures!

Larry Alan 01Larry Alan 02

His portfolio contains a curious mixture of glamor, clean backgrounds and mess.

Larry alan 03Larry alan 06

Obviously pin-up is one of his influences. You might want to bear in mind that he shoots men as well as women, in the same style, but there’s no doubt about the gender here.

Larry Alan 05

Many of his pictures are distinguished by a sense of humor.

Larry Alan 07Larry alan 08

His advice for would-be photographers? Take risks!

Larry Alan 09

If you’re not quite that courageous, I guess the model can always do it herself…

Larry Alan 10

One of Larry’s large-scale projects, due for exhibition later this year, involves putting a series of models up against a wall and telling them to do whatever they want. The result is a remarkable and stylish series of images of ‘people being people’.

Larry Alan 10a Blue

The name of the project is Blue. Can you guess why?

Larry Alan 10b Samantha Lewter

Even though the model here is having her bottom turned pink

Larry Alan 10c Mia Terezia

Pink is also the best that one model could hope for when she took her turn in front of the Blue wall. And if she was out of luck, it might end up being red. The lady who’s at risk is Lauren Perry, also known as Lucky Zombie.

Larry Alan 11 LaurenLarry Alan 12 Lauren

Also involved was model, performer and America’s Got Talent contestant Maeghan McKenny, otherwise known as Maeghan Machine.

Larry Alan 13 Maegan McKenneyLarry Alan 14 Maegan McKenneyLarry Alan 15 MaeganLarry Alan 16 Maegan

Here’s Lauren on the day of her Blue shoot.

Larry Alan 17 Lauren

And now Maeghyn joins her.

Larry Alan aLarry Alan aaa

Apparently Lauren was a bad girl. So, as she said herself, it’s lucky Maeghan was around to punish her!

Larry Alan spanking

If you are interested in Larry Alan’s work, please visit his website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Larry Alan

  1. jimc says:

    I always enjoy your photographers whose work you share as the costumes, positioning and esp. the bottoms are excellent. Thanks for sharing them and all you do for the spanko community. Have a great day.


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