Photographer of the Week: Romina Dajcz

Romina Dajcz (alias Romina Vazquez) is a professional photographer based in Buenos Aires, where she runs the firm Miss V Photography. She has a particular skill for capturing the curvature of the female form.

Romina Dajcz 1

So it’s not surprising that she specializes in boudoir work: ‘Love yourself!’ she advises, ‘Be sexy, be sensual, be boudoir.’

Romina Dajcz 2

The shoot that interests us, from the summer of 2016, featured the lovely Lara Perlov. Here she is:

Romina Dajcz Lara Perlov

And here she is on the day, along with the Argentinian cosplayer Brian Back Carusi, and A. N. Other:

Romina Dajcz models are Lara Perlov & Brian Back Carusi

But one of the three models in that shot is surplus to requirements. Bad luck, Lara, because it isn’t you. So while Fido goes off to enjoy his cigarette, it’s time for you to have… a spanking!

Romina Dajcz of Buenos Aires male model is Brian Back Carusi

If you are interested in Romina’s work, please keep an eye on the development of her website.

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