The Man who Outdared the Devil

Traveling carpet salesman Ze Araujo (Marcos Palmeira) comes to a small town in the north of Brazil and sells his wares to a Turkish shopkeeper. Unfortunately for him, the Turk has a daughter, Dualiba (Livia Falcao), who is pushing 40 and isn’t much of a catch. In fact, the movie ad calls her a woman with the devil in her body:

Man who Outdared the Devil

Even more unfortunately for Araujo, he and Dualiba get it together at a party, and the outcome is a shotgun wedding. Araujo persuades himself that he’s doing the decent thing and endures humiliation at the hands of his new family, not least because losing her virginity to him has made Dualiba into a nymphomaniac. But then he learns that he is nothing but a local joke, and becomes angry.

That’s the opening scenario of O Homem que Desafiou o Diablou, a Brazilian mock-heroic comedy film of 2007. It sets up the main story of the film in which Araujo, after taking revenge on his wife and his exploitative father-in-law, has himself registered legally dead, adopts a new identity as the exact opposite of his former self and sets off in search of adventure. As Ojuaro, he becomes a folk-hero with a reputation for having taken on the devil and won…

But of course, the truth is that it’s his wife he has defeated. And he does it like this:

Man who Outdared the Devil 2Man who Outdared the Devil 3

Here’s the scene:

I guess you could call it spanking the devil out of her…

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