Spanked in the Square

The Brazilian sketch show A Praça é Nossa (It’s Our Square) has a simple format: the host, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, sits on a bench in a public square and watches the world go by. Characters come and go, including an assortment of regulars, usually eccentric and occasionally pulchritudinous.

For example, there’s Mina, the better-looking half of a pair of twins who are always trying to cadge money. She’s played by Renata Takahashi:

01 Renata Takahashi

And here she is with her twin brother, Mano, who seems to be getting a little manual with her:

02 Renata Takahashi in A Praca e Nossa

But the character who matters most to us is Lady Dadá, an obliging sexpot of a secretary who often tries to draw attention away from her mistakes by flashing her bottom at her boss, Chefinho (in English, ‘Chiefy’), played by the comedian Tutuca. And it’s always the way in this kind of comedy that middle-aged men like Chefinho are secretly lecherous to begin with, but ultimately perturbed by such overt displays…

A Praça é Nossa is a very long-running series: it launched in 1987 and is still going nearly thirty years later. And that means, inevitably, that the role of voluptuous young Lady Dadá has needed recasting from time to time. In the early years of the series, the role was created by glamor model Alice de Carli.

03 Alice de Carli as Dada

Later on, model and singer Livia Andrade took over. Here she is:

04 Livia Andrade05 Livia Andrade selfie

And if you were looking over her shoulder in that selfie shot, maybe you’d like to see more.

06 Livia Andrade07 Livia Andrade08 Livia Andrade09 Livia Andrade10 Livia Andrade11 Livia Andrade

Here are some examples of her work on A Praça é Nossa, which she graced from 2006 to 2010.

12 Livia Andrade in a Praca e Nossa13 Livia Andrade in a Praca e Nossa

The sketch that interests us aired in 2007. So Livia was the incarnation of Lady Dadá in question:

14 Lady Dada

This time it looks as if she’s made a bigger mess of things than usual,

15 Dada

because Chefinho and his partner have been reduced to vagrancy: they have become a couple of bums. And that could be bad news for Lady Dadá’s bumbum, as they call it in Portuguese.

Praca e Nossa 01

In that skirt, she’s almost self-prepared for the spanking, so you can’t really fault Chefhino for what he does next:

Praca e Nossa 04

But that turns out to be his undoing. Because it turns out that Lady Dadá isn’t wearing proper panties.

Praca e Nossa 07

And like most lecherous middle-aged men in this kind of comedy…

Praca e Nossa 09

… the bum is too embarrassed to touch the bare bumbum

Praca e Nossa 10

… which means a lucky escape for Lady Dadá!

Praca e Nossa 11

It was attractive while it lasted, though! And there’s one last thing that’s worth remembering. It’s not altogether unknown for this series to run essentially the same sketch more than once – so maybe she got away with it twice!

You can watch extracts from the sketch here.

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