Photographer of the Week: André Pires

Lisbon-based photographer André Pires has a passion for the worlds of burlesque and pinup.

New Vintage Photo burlesque

In particular, he tries to recreate the ‘vintage’ style of the middle of the last century. But you could probably guess that from the name of his firm: New Vintage Photo.

New Vintage Photo pinup

And it is almost inevitable that, sooner or later, any self-styled ‘vintage’ pinup photographer is going to try a ‘Bettie Page’ tribute. André Pires is no exception. Here are his models at work being Bettie. (The blonde is Pearl von Monroe.)

New Vintage Photo Pearl von MonroeNew Vintage corset

And a Bettie Page tribute will frequently involve…

New Vintage Photo Pearl von Monroe (2)Andre Pirez spanking 2

Let’s grasp the nettle here. These pictures are such faithful tributes that they feature the signature ‘swastika legs’ that makes so much of Irving Klaw’s work so hopeless as spanking photography – but it also has to be said that André is, technically, so much better than Klaw that there’s still a lot to enjoy!

If you are interested in André’s work, please visit his website.

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