Big Brother is Spanking You

It is well known that reality television shows like Big Brother occasionally feature a bit of playful spanking. In Britain…

Big Brother UK

In the US…

Big Brother US 1Big Brother US 2

In Spain…

Big Brother (Spanish)

Celebrity contestants are not immune, as Chloe Goodman found out across the lap of Cami Li:

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Chloe Goodman & Cami Li 1Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Chloe Goodman & Cami Li

And here’s one of the housemates from the Czech version spanking the presenter, Eva Aichmajerova:

Big Brother Czech Filip Trojovsky spanks Eva Aichmajerova

It is also well known that, in the entire world, Brazilian television is the place where the traditional M/F spanking scene most flourishes today, especially in the telenovelas (soap operas) produced by the station Globo. Here’s an example from 2011, Morde e Assopra, with Vanessa Giacomo being spanked by Marcos Pasquim:

2011 Morde & Assopra

And since Globo is also the station responsible for the Brazilian version of Big Brother… well, we can all put two and two together!

It’s the 2009 series that has a claim on our attention, and the two housemates in question are Maximiliano Porto and Francine Piaia:

Brazilian Big Brother Max and Francine

And one of the series’ minor points of interest (or, for us, its major point of interest) was the tribulations of Francine’s bottom. It was smacked by Max, who remarked, ‘I have to take care of what belongs to me’:

Next up for Francine was a full-scale OTK spanking, in which her main worry was, apparently, that he might lift her skirt:

There was another spanking for her a week and a half later:

Then a threat to spank her again, this time with a flipflop:

And if Francine got away with it that time, her bottom still wasn’t entirely out of danger. Only a few days later, her skirt was finally raised for retribution – though now it was not Max’s hand she had to beware of, nor even his belt or footwear, but his teeth:

And after their release from the captivity of the Big Brother house, they began dating. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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