Photographer of the Week: The Doorman

The photographer known as the Doorman runs a small nightclub in Jacksonville, Florida. Or maybe that should be ‘ran a nightclub’, because he doesn’t appear to have been active for several years. And the club was central to his photographic work.

He started out simply snapping shots of clubbing patrons.

01 Doorman02 Doorman

Then some of the subjects began asking for copies of the pictures, and Doorman realized he was onto something.

03 Doorman04 Doorman

This was a club where, from time to time, the activities were on the interesting side.

05 Doorman

Naughty girls could expect to meet their nemesis!

06 Doorman

And sometimes, nemesis came in the form of the stern hand of the Doorman!

07 Doorman

If you are interested in the Doorman’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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