The Czech band Fru Fru were recently filming a video to accompany their song ‘Tak Jak’ (meaning ‘like’, as in ‘similar to’), a track from their 2013 album Freak Show. The theme of the video, directed by actor Tomas Matonoha, was to be a kind of ‘dance duel’ between a man and a woman, and television star Miluse Bittnerova was cast as the feminine half of the equation. She’s best known for regular roles in several hospital-based series, which might begin to explain what’s happening here:

Miluse Bittnerova

Once they arrived on location, plans for the video changed somewhat. For the location was the brewery at Dalesice, famously the place where Jiri Menzel’s 1980 film version of Postriziny was shot. So it became a video about beer, sausages and the picturesque brewery itself, and even included reenactments of some set pieces from the movie.

And that meant more trauma for Miluse’s rear end…

Tak Jak 01Tak Jak 02Tak Jak 03Tak Jak 04Tak Jak 05Tak Jak 06

The video was released in July 2016. Here it is:

If you are interested in Fru Fru’s music, you can access the album here.

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