Photographer of the Week: Bruno Bozon

Bruno Bozon is a French art photographer, based in Essonne, near Paris. He specializes in portraiture and erotica, and though his work has a number of recurring themes, one of them is especially pleasing:


And with all those upturned female bottoms, surely his portfolio must contain something even more specifically relevant to us?





And on October 8, 2011, he did it. One of the models is known as Shadow, while the prettier of the two is Bibi Rubis:


And here they are together

10 Formol

You may think Shadow’s dressed rather formally there, but the title of the picture is actually ‘Formol’. Bruno’s inspiration for it was Thomas Fersen’s 2008 song of the same title, which begins:

Chapeau melon, veston croisé, tel est le joueur de tam-tam

Tandis qu’avec un air blasé, il donne une fessée à madame.

Or if you prefer:

Bowler hat and double-breasted waistcoat: that’s the percussionist

As, with an indifferent air, he gives madame a spanking.

And though it isn’t strictly a bowler on Shadow’s head, at least there’s no disputing what’s happening to the other end of Bibi!

If you are interested in Bruno Bozon’s work, please visit his website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Bruno Bozon

  1. jimc says:

    I have to admit I do enjoy a good bottom being photographed and the style esp. otk really is one of favorite photographers whose work you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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