Spank the Twins

There aren’t many spanking scenes involving identical twins, and the reason for that is two-fold. First and foremost, there just aren’t many identical twins around. (How many do you know?) They are a tiny fraction of the population… and only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction have the inclination or talent to become performers. In other words, the raw material is rarely there to begin with.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that, on the occasions when twins are involved in spanking scenarios, they tend to be imaginary twins. For example, take the 1952 movie The Fabulous Senorita, in which Estelita Rodriguez and Rita Moreno play (non-twin) sisters, Estelita and Manuela. Estelita is trying to help out with the complications of Manuela’s love-life when she herself falls for Jerry, a visiting Californian, and tries to prevent him from leaving Cuba by fabricating a kidnapping charge against him. When he is eventually released from jail, he goes straight to the sisters’ home and takes reprisals against Estelita…

Fabulous SenoritaFabulous Senorita 2

Her riposte is to pretend to be her own identical twin sister, which Jerry accepts because he has never met Manuela and so knows no better. So he’s bamboozled into thinking that he was spanking the wrong twin, and Estelita, posing as Manuela, gets an apology. Manuela herself, of course, never got spanked – though that fate did await Rita Moreno in The Vagabond King four years later!

And here’s another false twin spanking scenario in the 1974 stage comedy A Bad Year for Tomatoes, which you can read about in detail here.


But just occasionally, identical twin sisters do go into showbusiness. A case in point is the 1960s Spanish duo Pilar and Emilia Bayona, who worked under the stage names Pili and Mili


In 1965, when they were 18, a spaghetti Western was devised as a vehicle for them: Dos Pistolas Gemelas (or, roughly translated, Two Guns for the Twins).


Filmed in Spain, this was a Spanish-Italian co-production in which the twins played the Parker sisters, a pair of dancing sharp-shooters from their uncle’s traveling medicine show.

Pili and Mili

As is often the case with identical twin sisters, they have slightly distinct personalities: Penny (played by Pili) is forward and spunky, whereas Sally (Mili) is sweet and demure. But throughout the movie they share exactly the same taste in outfits, including a selection of pleasingly tight trousers.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (3)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (4)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (5)

So the main question hanging over us is, which of the twins is going to get spanked? And the answer is… both of them!


Predictably, it is Jenny who first sets out on the road to a good spanking, when the medicine show arrives in town, and she begins the highlight of her act: shooting the pips out of a playing card held in her uncle’s fingers. Only someone else shoots first, and the astonished showman finds his cigar put out by a passing bullet fired by Ringo, played by Sean Flynn (son of Errol). Jenny isn’t pleased to have him barge in on her display of skill, and challenges him to prove himself by hitting a pebble thrown in the air. He misses – whereas the stone thrown for her explodes into powder, and honor is satisfied.

This is the start of one of those sparky romances that often involve a spanking scene somewhere along the way. It builds some more the next day when the girls receive some unwanted attention in the street.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (6)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (7)

Ringo sees off the pest with his fists, but if he thought he was earning Jenny’s gratitude, or even respect, he was sorely mistaken. Meanwhile, Sally encounters an engineer, Bob Clark (Renato Baldini), who will be important in her story in the same ways that Ringo will figure in Jenny’s.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when the twins’ uncle misappropriates the show’s takings for use as a stake in a poker game, which turns out to be disastrous for him. True, he does win a ranch… but he also gets murdered before the game is over. So Jenny and Sally are suddenly the inheritors of a coveted piece of local real estate. Why is it coveted? At first because it lies in the path of a planned railroad. And later on, Bob Clark discovers that the land contains rich deposits of oil…

The twins move in and establish a not altogether easygoing relationship with the veteran ranch hand and resident domestic who come with the estate. But then the interested parties start to arrive. One of them is Ringo, who offers to buy the ranch for a premium price. Sally seems pleased; Jenny is not. Out she goes and slaps his face.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (8)

She tries to do it some more, but Ringo keeps her at arm’s length with his palm on her forehead.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (9)

Seizing his opportunity, he picks her up bodily, and then his other palm begins to make sharp contact with her other end.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (10)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (11)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (12)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (13)

This is quite a long spanking, amounting to 26 smacks in all, but most of it is offscreen. After the first four smacks land, we cut to close-ups of the participants, and then the others on the ranch come out to find out what the commotion is. The ranch hand and the domestic seem to enjoy what they are seeing, but Sally empathizes with her twin’s pain and looks away with a grimace.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (14)

Then it’s back to the protesting, humiliated Jenny in close-up…

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (15)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (16)

…and we cut to a wide shot just in time to witness the very last smack.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (17)

Ringo rides off, leaving Jenny rubbing her bottom and shouting her hatred after him.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (18)

But once he’s gone her face breaks into a winsome smile, revealing that secretly she quite likes him.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (20)

But there’s no letup. No sooner has Ringo gone than Bob Clark rides up, bringing some news that, in the event, he won’t get to deliver just now. He gets a cold welcome from the just-spanked Jenny, and follows her back to the ranch. She walks straight into a barn that Sally is cleaning out. As their paths cross on the threshold, Sally is distracted and throws out a bucketful of water without looking. And unfortunately for her…

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (21)

The consequences are predictable:

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (22)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (23)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (24)

This is a somewhat shorter spanking than Jenny got, which perhaps befits Sally’s milder nature, but it’s also a lot more exciting to watch. Partly that’s because it’s mostly onscreen: the first two slaps are only heard as we cut to another shot of the ranch hand coming up, but then we cut back and we see the other eight land fair and square. But of course the main advantage of this spanking is that it’s OTK, and features some vigorously kicking legs from Sally.

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (25)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (26)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (27)Dos Pistolas Gemelas (28)

After he’s finished, Bob mounts his horse and rides away. Sally cries, then calls for him to come back, but he ignores her. Never mind, Sally, he’ll be yours by the end of the movie…

So that’s two sound spankings, each administered to a different twin, within about a minute of each other!

We can deal with the rest of the story in short order. The girls find work as saloon dancers,

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (1)

and in one memorable sequence, they stop a bar brawl dead in its tracks simply by dancing the can-can, which is obviously much more interesting than beating the crap out of your fellow drinkers. In the end, nobody gets their grubby hands on the ranch, but the girls do get their men. The film concludes with a sequence referring back to what has gone before: the girls are doing the sharp-shooting playing card trick again, and Ringo intervenes again – only this time Jenny is pleased to see him. But when she goes to kiss him, he holds her back with his palm on her forehead:

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (30)

It’s a direct visual echo of the moment before he spanked her, underlining the trajectory of their relationship from antagonism and spanking to love and kisses. The only thing missing is another bucket of water for Bob!

The film was widely distributed in many different dubs and prints. It has surfaced under numerous titles, from Vengeance Ranch to Sharp-Shooting Twin Sisters, as well as the various local-language equivalents of A Woman for Ringo, No Pity for Ringo, Two Invincible Guns and Six Bullets for Gringo. No, that’s not a typo: in some territories it was thought desirable to change the name of the character Ringo (since the only drumming he gets to do is on the seat of Jenny’s pants), so in Germany he became Gringo and he was Jimmy in the US. This article is based on the Italian print that’s available on DVD, but it’s worth noticing a difference from the Spanish print that can be seen, in very poor quality, on YouTube. Here’s Sally’s spanking as it appears on the DVD:

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (29)

Whereas in Spain…

Dos Pistolas Gemelas

Let’s hope someone decides it’s worth issuing an improved edition showing the full frame!

2 thoughts on “Spank the Twins

  1. Lars Christian Steenberg says:

    Thanks for info about the Mili and Pili movie. Even if they both earned their spanking and ended up marrying the man who spanked them, I feel sorry for the second girl who did not throw water on the cowboy on purpose. But both girls look stunning and the onlookers thought it was great fun. So thanks for the info, now I know about the background of the clips from Youtube.


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