Photographer of the Week: Alex Perez


The award-winning Alex Perez comes from Spain – to be precise, he’s Galician – but he lives in and works from Dordrecht in the Netherlands. The award he won will tell you something about the nature of his work: he was named the Best International Fetish Photographer of 2015.


So as you might expect, he has a keen eye for the ‘alternative’: he’s interested in the idea that elegance can turn something forbidden into something beautiful.


He also wants his photography to be ‘true and honest’: except for basic editing, he doesn’t use photomanipulation software, so that what he presents is what his lens captured at the moment in question, not something he made up inside the computer after the event.


If you’re perusing his portfolio, it won’t be long before you clap eyes on latex.


You might have to look a little harder to find some spanking, and not everything will be what it might at first glance seem.

06 Alex Perez La Reine Margot (Margot Greeve) & Scarlet Rose

Whatever else models Scarlet Rose and Margot Greeve may have gotten up to in a Brussels hotel bedroom, a spanking for Scarlet was not on the agenda, more’s the pity. But in 2014, Alex Perez did a publicity shoot for the Amsterdam emporium Westward Bound, which specializes in latex clothing. His models were Kim Leeftink…

07 Kim Leeftink

… and the fetish specialist known as Dutch Dame, one of Alex’s favorite models:

08 Dutch Dame

Here they are in their latex dresses. Since they’re such similar ladies, you may like to know that it’s Kim in white and Dutch in blue.

09 Alex Perez Kim Leeftink & Dutch Dame

Though part of Dutch may well be going to end up red

10 Alex Perez

If you are interested in Alex Perez’s work, please visit his website.

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