Spank the Cosplayer Again

It’s time for another look into the world of cosplay, that joyously geeky form of clothing creativity that flourishes at sci-fi and comics conventions the world over.


It isn’t a solitary pursuit, but cosplayers more often operate on an individual basis, rather than in pairs. That explains why some cosplay spankings feature participants in markedly different kinds of gear, one part cosplayer and one part random member of the public. For example, this is not the type of naughty girl you’d usually expect to find receiving the mark of Zorro:


Cosplay spankers aren’t always heroic. Some are monsters…

2009 PredSpank2009 PredSpank2


Andres Moreno Fuya is the photographer


Catwoman smacks

But despite that picture, it’s statistically more likely that Catwoman will be the one getting smacked.

Catwoman 2008

Especially when there’s someone heroic around to do the smacking…

Catwoman smacked by Jesus

Holy cat-smacking, it doesn’t need to be quite as heroic as that. Robin will do perfectly well…

catwoman smacked Lori Irwin-MacdonaldCatwoman and Robin

Yes, cosplayers do sometimes pair up for spanking poses, and sometimes the pairs even belong together. So now let’s introduce another character to our survey. Meet Batgirl:


And now Batgirl meets Catwoman:

Batgirl & Catwoman (1)Batgirl & Catwoman (2)

And it’s worth remembering that in the world of cosplay, there are no constraints of gender. If someone offered me the chance to see Harry Potter being spanked by Professor Snape, I can’t say I’d be an enthusiastic taker. But cosplay can mean those two characters look like this:

Harry Potter and Snape

Harriet Potter – that’s more like it!

Strictly defined, cosplay is the equivalent of fan fiction or fan art, only with clothing: by dressing up, you become a character from whatever fictional franchise you follow.

Fantastic Four

So technically, what Bryan and Rachel are doing here isn’t cosplay, just fancy dress, because they aren’t playing specific characters from a given franchise:

Bryan spanking Rachel at Rockabaret March 17 2007 1Bryan spanking Rachel at Rockabaret March 17 2007 2

But remember, cosplay doesn’t only draw on comics and fantasy, but virtually anything that has any kind of fan following. Some of the subjects are universally familiar. Here’s the Mad Hatter making sure that Alice can’t sit down at his tea party:


And here’s a prettier Mad Hatter getting a taste of the same medicine:


Here’s Uncle Fester dealing with Wednesday Addams:

Addams Family

And some are a little more off the wall. I mean, did anyone expect to go down the sewer and find the Teenage Mutant Spanking Turtles?

Ninja Turtles (1)Ninja Turtles (2)

But inevitably, some cosplay subjects are, shall we say, niche. Not being a big video games buff, I can’t really get much out of this Mortal Kombat cosplay, beyond admiring the participants’ skill in recreating the costumes.

Mortal Kombat (1)Mortal Kombat (2)

But I can still enjoy the sight of Mileena getting a good spanking, even though I don’t really know who she is!

Mortal Kombat (3)

Likewise, the Super Mario Brothers are a closed games console to me; I’m just glad this pair made them into Super Mario Sisters!

Super Mario Bros

And when we get into manga and anime, I really start to struggle. Phantomhive from Black Butler, anyone?

Phantomhive played by Hailey Marie Elliott spanked by Taylor Tomlinson

Blue-haired Konan from Naruto and Sam Manson from Danny Phantom?

Konan from Naruto spanks Sam Manson from Danny Phantom 2013

Misa Misa from Death Note?


And sometimes I don’t even have that much of a clue!

Masubi & Locustcosplay 2012 01bunnies Brisbane 2014 (1)bunnies Brisbane 2014 (2)

But amidst this bewildering diversity, let’s not forget the wise counsel of that incomparable spanking cartoonist Wolfie, who points out that some costumes carry with them an element of risk:


And, as we saw in a previous investigation of this subject, there’s one particular character who’s riskier than any other:

harley quinn & darth vader

There’s no denying it: Harley Quinn is spankable!

Chloe Douglas

But why her more than others?

Harley 1 (1)Harley 1 (2)Harley 1 (3)

Is it just that her regular partner in crime, the Joker, is an established spanker?

Harley Tara Lynne Eternalcon 2015harley played by Michaelle Quinzel

Is it that the comics themselves surround her with a persistent spanking vibe?

Harley Quinn#

Which means, in the cosplay tributes…

Harley AustraliaJessica Rose Greco 2016 Harley and Joker

In fact, it’s not just a vibe. In 2014, DC issued a comic book about Harley trying to get her own title published, in which she faced many perils, but none as appealing as the one on the cover, drawn by Amanda Conner:

Harley Quinn

Even more appealing is what a Harley cosplayer did with this two years later:

2016 Harley Quinn & Deadpool 1

But if you want final living proof of the spankability of Harley Quinn, watch this spoof cosplay sex tape of her home life with the Joker. (Don’t worry, there’s no danger of any actual sex, just a little panty spanking!)

(If you only want to see the spanking, go straight to the end of the video.)

Applause, please, for all these talented cosplay artists!

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