Photographer of the Week: Akif Hakan

Turkish-American by nationality and international by profession, Akif Hakan describes himself as ‘striving to go beyond established styles and widen the boundaries of photographic expression’. His work is noted for its attention to detail, its use of high contrast and its unconventional color combinations. Or, putting it more broadly, it’s noted for breaking many of the traditional rules of photography.

Akif Hakan 01

He often shoots in the vibrant, bustling, colorful urban environments of the Far East. (He’s currently based in Hong Kong.)

Akif Hakan 02aAkif Hakan 02Akif Hakan 02b

Into this rich context, he introduces a simplicity of line and structure that brings out the natural beauty of his models.

Akif Hakan 03Akif Hakan 04

He is fond of shots composed on a horizontal axis, partly because he thinks cinematically, in widescreen format.

Akif Hakan 05Akif Hakan 06

And horizontal models are always good news! This one even looks as if she might be getting a spanking from the invisible man:

Akif Hakan 07

Akim sees his photographs as telling a kind of fantastical story through a series of individual moments, like freeze-frames extracted from a movie, and his pictures are organized into sets with often evocative titles. The set we’re looking at today is called ‘Happy Lovers’, and it tells of an unlikely pair of lovers:

Akif Hakan 08

Unlikely, maybe, but happy…

Akif Hakan 09


Akif Hakan 10


Akif Hakan 11Akif Hakan 12

So for one girl and her bear, it seems, a spanking is a contented expression of mutual love. Isn’t that sweet?

If you are interested in Akif Hakan’s work, please visit his website.

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