Bend Over for Dover

There is always something faintly ludicrous about professional wrestling: the rippling testosterone of the participants, the faux feuds, the overblown pre-match vaunts and taunts, the absurdly over-excited commentators – and above all the pretence that it’s a competitive sport, rather than a form of theatrical display with mostly prearranged moves.


But there’s no denying that professional wrestling is one genre where there’s always a reasonably good chance of seeing some spanking, thanks to the tradition that the wrestlers are attended by pretty young women known as valets. For valets are often vulnerable…


And on occasion, wrestlers have also been known to spank members of the audience:


As those pictures illustrate, a lot of wrestling spankings are done in what might be called the ‘Lois Lane’ position: the spanker goes down on one knee and puts the lady over the other.


The reason for this is simply that wrestling rings don’t usually have anywhere to sit down, so the more stable ‘over the lap’ position depends upon having a chair brought in. Which admittedly does happen from time to time.


But the vast majority of the scenes are of necessity more ad hoc. Which is not to say they’re less effectively staged, or less attractive:


According to those crazy commentators, every spanking is an utterly shocking and completely unprecedented event. That is, of course, impossible. But if we believe the standard histories, the time when it really was unprecedented was April 1, 1983, during a match between David von Erich and Jimmy Garvin. Garvin’s valet was his cousin, Valerie French, who used the professional name Sunshine. Here she is:


And here’s what happened to her when she tried to intervene in the match:


This became a familiar narrative in wrestling: the valet tries to help out her man and, wildly overestimating her abilities as a fighter, she attacks the opponent, who is approximately twice her size; her assault is shrugged off and she gets spanked, usually after her protector has been knocked out of the ring or otherwise incapacitated. A less common variant is the wager match in which it is agreed beforehand that the winner will spank the loser’s valet, which gives both parties something to fight for – and guarantees the audience a treat at the end!

But are the histories right? Did April Fool’s Day 1983 see the first ever spanking in the wrestling ring? Evidence is hard to find from even the relatively recent past when the subject is so ephemeral, but there is at least one piece of 1950s spanking imagery with a loose wrestling connection:


That’s Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler from the middle of the last century, spanking a girl whose origins we shall discover another time. But it’s anybody’s guess whether he’s doing it in his capacity as a wrestler or as the media action hero he eventually became!

But whether or not the country had a pre-1983 tradition of wrestling spankings, Mexico will serve to begin illustrating how the genre can also be found outside the USA in modern times. Here’s an example from 2010:


In the north of England, here’s Dave Rayne spanking Karen Jarrett:


And in Japan:


This is a less than comprehensive whistlestop tour, in which our final destination, and the main subject for the rest of the article, is Hungary. Professional tournaments are organized there by Hungarian Championship Wrestling, which offers a cast of distinctive characters, some of them very shapely ones.


The man in the middle there adopts the persona of an Arab and appears with, instead of just one valet, a ‘harem’ of dancers. For all that he’s looking askance at the girl in shorts, he isn’t relevant to us, so far as I know. But in due course the dancers will be. They are named, from left to right, Sofia, Samiya and Kenza:


We’ll come back to them later, but first we must introduce ourselves to the relevant wrestler. He works under the professional name of Dover, and is a self-styled ‘Hungarian hardcore’ performer, but rest assured that’s hardcore wrestling and not hardcore anything else. We first meet him at the 2013 Last Man Standing tournament in Budapest.

Many of these tournaments include a free-for-all ‘rumble’ match, and on this occasion one wrestler who threw her metaphorical hat and her literal self into the ring against Dover was Audrey Bride. He disposed of her easily enough:


The video cameras were out in force:

It was, by any standards, a very public spanking.


But it has to be said that this sort of treatment is more traditionally meted out to pesky, interfering valets than actual wrestling opponents. Witness the Breakthrough show in February 2016, in which Dover’s attention fell upon the red-haired valet Sakuran, who usually keeps part of her face covered:


Again, the photographers and videographers were hard at work:


Sakuran later said that being spanked was her least favorite memory of the match. But a look at Dover’s recent track record shows how much worse it could have been for her. For in 2015’s Last Man Standing tournament, the dancer Sofia intervened and threw powder in his face. Her fate:


Yes, Sofia got spanked with her skirt up, though admittedly those gold panties are actually part of her dance costume, already seen earlier that day without the skirt.


And in this video, it’s fairly obvious that she’s wearing a second pair underneath: you can see the black edges peeking out from time to time.

Maybe she needed them. Because, though much of the violence in professional wrestling is choreographed, Sofia did get genuinely spanked. Just listen to the soundtrack here:

Anyone wanting to debate the deterrent effect of spanking might usefully consider what happened at the following year’s Last Man Standing. Sofia stayed out of it, but her fellow dancer Kenza wasn’t so prudent.


She was ready with the powder and did exactly the same thing to Dover. What she got was different only in that, once her skirt was lifted, what was revealed wasn’t a part of her costume, intended for display and concealing a second protective layer underneath. On the contrary, this was a genuine seat-of-the-panties spanking!


Afterwards, Kenza publicly criticized Dover, saying that the spanking was disrespectful to women: ‘Shame on you,’ she said. Do you think she might, in the usual traditions of wrestling ‘feuds’, have been setting herself up for another one? Let’s hope so!

4 thoughts on “Bend Over for Dover

  1. Stephen Flowers says:

    In the old days in women’s matches, the referee was often caused to spank one of the wrestlers or repeated violation of the rules. I saw this more than once in the 1960s.


  2. Will says:

    I’ve been gathering these scenes for over twenty years and still enjoy finding new ones, The Hungarian wrestling fed was a terrific update to this branch of mainstream collecting.


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