Cutting it Longer: Postriziny Update

In the year or so since we last looked at Postriziny, the Czech movie and spin-off stage play, things have stayed much the same. A bit like in Postriziny itself, really, which is set in a place described, in the title of the original novel’s sequel, as The Little Town Where Time Stood Still. But not so still that it isn’t worth our while paying a return visit to see some new sights…

One of which supplements an already familiar sight. We’ve seen some pictures from the 2015 production in Most, with Lucia Jagercikova, in which, contrary to established tradition, she wore lacy blue panties for the spanking scene. But not, we now learn, in every performance:


The brewery at Dalesice continues to take pride in having been the movie’s location. At the end of August 2015, it hosted a special Postriziny-themed tour: visitors were shown the parts that other tourists cannot reach, while some local actors entertained them by performing some key scenes. Here’s the troupe:

Postriziny 01

The one who most interests us is the one who’s most interestingly dressed there. Her name’s Kristyna Bazalova, and here she is, wearing a little more and gearing up for her big scene.

Postriziny 02 2015 Dalesice

The actors rehearsed in the daytime, before the tourists arrived.

Postriziny 03 2015postriziny 04 2015Postriziny 05 2015Postriziny 06 2015 DalesicePostriziny 08 2015

But the actual performance was at night.

Postriziny 07 2015


The event ran again in September 2016, with a different cast, including Libuse Jonasova, seen here arriving with that fatal haircut:


And this is what it earned her:


For a better look, here’s the daytime rehearsal:


And just to prove that she enjoyed it, really:

Meanwhile, the long-running semi-professional musical version continued to tour the Czech Republic, filling the minor roles from the amateur talent of each venue they played. Jiri Petris continued to appear as Francin, a role he has played for nearly ten years, and his Maryska in the 2016 company was Adela Cervenkova.

Postriziny 09 2016 Chodova

Let’s also have a quick look at her out of costume:

And now for some photographs of the key moment in several different performances:

Postriziny 10 2016 ChodovaPostriziny 11 2016 ChodovaPostriziny 12 2016 ChodovaPostriziny 13 2016 ChodovaPostriziny 14 2016

For those who weren’t lucky enough to get a visit from Jiri Petris and company, there was still the option to mount their own production. That’s what happened in the southern Bohemian town of Blatna, where the role of Maryska was taken by Veronika Janeckova.

Postriziny 15 2016 at Blatna w Veronika Janeckova

That’s a nice dress she’s wearing, reflecting the nature of Postriziny as a nostalgic period piece. And for our favorite scene, she wore matching gray damask panties.

Postriziny 16 2016 at Blatna w Veronika Janeckova

Which raised a slight problem of period authenticity.

Postriziny 17 2016 at Blatna w Veronika Janeckova

She really shouldn’t have worn her own modern panties underneath!

And we encounter a similar issue back at the Dalesice brewery, where the ‘Tak Jak’ music video was shot in the summer of 2016, with Czech television star Miluse Bittnerova playing selected moments from the movie, including:

Postriziny 18 Tak Jak

Not even a pretence of period panty authenticity there! Which, to be honest, I really don’t mind!

For the next Postriziny update, go here.

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