The Grim Spanker

In Germany, the major supernatural danger faced by a naughty girl is the Krampus. But in France, she’s likelier to find herself across a bonier lap, at least if we can draw any conclusions from the work of two rather different Gallic artists.

Tanx predominantly produces linocuts, a graphic technique whose high contrast and heavy, arresting black is well suited to the grotesque side of his imagination, which sometimes draws inspiration from Hieronymous Bosch. La Mort makes frequent appearances in his work, and on this occasion he has a fleshier companion, who seems to be in need of stern treatment:


Normandy-based Fred le Corbeau uses a completely different method to produce his striking and erotic imagery. Many a teenager over the years must have had fun putting dolls or action figures into sexual poses, but Fred goes one further and photographs them. And he too has a penchant for skeletons, who are occasionally strict in their account:


But just as the Krampus has traveled far from his homeland, so you can find spanking skeletons elsewhere from time to time. Here’s one by American fantasy artists Steve Fastner and Rich Larson:


And here’s another example, just a sketch by an unidentified but apparently Anglophone artist. (If there’s a finished piece, I haven’t found it.)


Could it be that, for a naughty girl, a good spanking really is a fate worse than Death?

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