Photographer of the Week: Daemon Donigan

Daemon Donigan, based in Denver, Colorado, acknowledges the heavy influence of mid-20th-century pin-up photography on his work:

‘The playful sexuality of the era is a lot of fun to recreate and shoot. The best thing about pin-up is that it’s for everyone. There is a pin-up model inside of every woman!’

Donigan 01

Take Jaymie Cheney here, who did a Donigan shoot in 2013:

Donigan 02 Jet Set Jaymie b

Well, it didn’t take much to bring that pin-up model out, did it?

Donigan 03 Jet Set Jaymie a

Of course, pin-up models do run risks, as Jaymie is learning from Belle Kat.

Donigan 04 Jet Set Jaymie

But Belle Kat needs to remember that, if there’s a pin-up model inside every woman, the risk is correspondingly universal. Even for her…

Donigan 52ef20ffa55a4

The model who went furthest of all to prove Donigan’s maxim is Dapper Dan Doll, who shoots with him regularly.

Donigan 06 Dapper Dan Doll r#

Some of her pin-up sessions use familiar domestic settings:

Donigan 07 Dapper Dan Doll

But the shoot we’re looking at took place in 2012 on the steps of Denver’s Capitol Hill, as part of the annual Zombie Crawl. There really is a pin-up model inside every woman – dead or alive!

Donigan 08 zombie Dapper Dan Doll

And even pin-up zombies get spanked!

Donigan Pin-Up Zombies

If you are interested in Donigan’s work, don’t go to the website given on the photos (it seems to be defunct), but instead please visit his Youtube channel.

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