Photographer of the Week: Kallisto Killer

Meet Kallisto Killer.

Uvudu Kallisto KillerUvudu Kallisto Killer 2

Actually, you already met her: we previously encountered her spanking, and being spanked, in a 2010 shoot for Joe Dassaro. And here she is on the receiving end again, this time from Deanna Marie in 2011:

Uvudu 2011 Kallisto Killer whacked by Deanna Marie

That was early in her modeling career, which began in 2009. But now it’s 2013, and it’s time for her to be on the other side of the camera, shooting for Uvudu Imaging, the Nashville, Tennessee, firm she runs with her husband, Christopher Lowery. The firm specializes in pin-up photography in a rockabilly style, and often works with the model Voodoo Valentine.

Voodoo Valentine 1

Voodoo Valentine 2Voodoo Valentine 3Voodoo Valentine 4

Here’s Kallisto taking a shot of Voodoo:

Uvudu Kallisto Killer shoots Voodoo Valentine

And here’s Voodoo in costume for the shoot that most interests us:

Uvudu 0a

Though she seems rather keen to dispense with her skirt.

Uvudu 0b

Now it’s time for Voodoo to meet her fellow model, Caleb Owens. She still doesn’t want to be encumbered by that skirt, does she?

Uvudu 1

Does Caleb have an opinion about that?

Uvudu 2

Could it perhaps be along the lines of ‘Cover yourself up, you naughty girl’?

Uvudu 3

In view of the way things proceeded… maybe not!

Uvudu 4

But she has obviously been a very, very naughty girl:

Uvudu 5

If you are interested in Uvudu’s work, please visit their website. And for more spanking photography from Kallisto Killer, go here.

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