Photographer of the Week: Barny Nigaglioni

Barny Nigaglioni is a photographer based in Orlando, Florida, who expresses his creativity in the form of pinups.

Barny Nigaglioni (0)Barny Nigaglioni (0a)bn-photography

Early in 2011, he had the opportunity to do a shoot aboard the battleship SS Victory, then based in Tampa. Seizing his chance, he brought with him two models. One was Kimberly Money:

Barny Nigaglioni (01)

She’s a cosplayer with, it appears, relatively few inhibitions and an impressive collection of schoolgirl outfits.

Barny Nigaglioni (02)Barny Nigaglioni (04)Barny Nigaglioni (03)

None of which was remotely relevant on the Victory, because the dress code was instead…

Barny Nigaglioni (05)

Joining her aboard ship was Carlye Starr:

Barny Nigaglioni (06)Barny Nigaglioni (07)Barny Nigaglioni (08)

You may have noticed that there’s something, well, ever so slightly inauthentic about the girls’ uniforms. That’s right: they don’t seem to have any insignia of rank. So who’s in charge?

Barny Nigaglioni (09)

It could be a real issue if they actually have to operate the artillery.

Barny Nigaglioni (10)Barny Nigaglioni (11)Barny Nigaglioni (11a)Barny Nigaglioni (12)

There’s only one way to find out…

Barny Nigaglioni (13)Barny Nigaglioni (14)

Does that mean Kimberly’s in command? Well, no… because this is a photoshoot, so the real top brass is none other than Barny Nigaglioni!

Barny Nigaglioni (15)

If you are interested in Barny’s work, you can see some more of it here.

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