Fade to Noir

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when a girl goes out clubbing, one thing that doesn’t appear high, or indeed anywhere, on her list of objectives for the evening is to be soundly spanked. Unless of course she’s in Vancouver and her venue of choice is Noir, in which case a sore sit-upon might not be classified as an unwelcome calamity but rather as a result.


The Noir Fetish Ball ran for five years before finally closing down in January 2016, and in that time it saw a good few spankings.


Let’s suppose you’re a young lady cruising Noir. If you want to get yourself a spanking, you might consider dressing to attract the right sort of attention.


How you present yourself is also important. Will this work?


Maybe. But this might do better:


And sometimes there’s very little left to chance:


Admittedly that naughty girl had something else on her side. How did she come to be in detention? Like most fetish party series, Noir had themed evenings, including an annual ‘Back to School’ party where naughtiness and its consequences were pretty much guaranteed:




You’ll have noticed a range of standard disciplinary tools in use there. Other options were available…


… occasionally on the outlandish side:



And in the end, none of them are any substitute for the good old hand!



Photobooths are available. And one odd thing that happens in fetish party booths is that spanking can become a group activity:



The final Noir party in January 2016 saw a last rush of spanking before it was all over.


Though at least one girl seemed so bent on having a close encounter that she scarcely noticed that she was also being spanked!


And Noir’s legacy? We’ll let this charming couple show us.


What Noir leaves behind is, of course… some terrific spanking imagery!


Photographs in this article were taken by Jen Elliott, Frankie Panky, Damien Hendley of Deadly Photography and Ira Rotenberg of Positive Body Image Photography.

3 thoughts on “Fade to Noir

  1. jimc says:

    Great images. I love otk the best, but all these spankings were great. Thanks for sharing another aspect of mainstream that I had not thought about. Thank you for all your research Have a great day.


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