Photographer of the Week: Jill Rasco

Jill Rasco, based in Dallas, Texas, became interested in photography at an early age, and began shooting professionally in 2000. ‘I find inspiration everywhere,’ she says, ‘there seems to be beauty in everything’. Including, it is worth adding, in herself:


She proudly claims to specialize in every style of photograph. In practice, that means she does the usual range of weddings, families, boudoir and pinup. She initially felt apprehensive doing pinup work, but the results speak for themselves:


Now for a quick break from Jill’s work to introduce the two models. They’re both burlesque performers. Here’s Athena Fatale:


And here’s Courtney Crave:


And some more of Courtney:


Can anyone ever get enough of Courtney?


In fact, we’re met Courtney before, administering some Christmas spankings for Dallas photographer Mark Kaplan.

But she wasn’t so lucky when she met Athena in a session for Jill…


If you are interested in Jill Rasco’s work, please visit her website.

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