Big Bang Boom … SPANK!


Since 2011, Big Bang Boom! Cabaret in Orlando, Florida, has promoted high-quality burlesque with an ongoing series of themed performances, and more than one spanking has taken place on its stage.


Visiting performers include Morgan LaRue and Aurora Natrix, who have done Bad Maid Betty there; but it’s one of the regular artists who is our main subject today. Meet Buttercup Sunset:


On July 31, 2015, the theme of the show was ‘Erotica’. Buttercup teamed up with RamCat Jackson for a skit entitled ‘Master and Servant’, in which the two performers switched roles in the course of the number. This was bad news for Buttercup, who started out on top but wound up like this:


The act was videoed by two different audience members:

If you only want to see the spanking and not the rest of the act, skip directly to 3.45 in the first video and 5.25 in the second. But however much you watch, don’t forget to applaud the performers!

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