Spank the Spy

Born into the country music business, the Florida brothers Jesse and Noah Bellamy released their first album in 2006, but our interest in them centers on a track from their second, Landfall. Released as a single on Pearl Harbor Day 2010, the song Dirty With a Southern Drawl celebrates southern women, and for the accompanying video they wanted to capture a sense of the pop culture of World War 2. So they flew to Memphis, Tennessee, hoping to shoot with the iconic aircraft, the Memphis Belle, with its famous pin-up nose art.

Memphis Belle

But it turned out that the plane is no longer stationed in Memphis. Oops. But the city had something just as useful to offer: the Memphis Belles.

Memphis Belles

The Belles are a celebrated local burlesque troupe who also do pin-up work. An ideal source from which to cast the video! So, among others, Jesse and Noah recruited April Novak…

April Novak

… and Cookiee Davis:

Cookiee Davis

Here’s Cookiee with her friend, the cult filmmaker Mike McCarthy, who was engaged to direct the video:


And here’s Mike with Cookiee:

Cookiee spanked 1

And here they are again on a different occasion:

Cookiee spanked 2

Can you guess what Cookiee’s role in the video is going to involve?

Jesse & Noah

That’s right!

Shot in a retro comic-book style, the video tells the story of how WAC April proposes an unlikely scheme to win the war: Operation Striptease. You might doubt the efficacy of such a strategy, but WAC April’s friend, WAC Cookiee, takes it very seriously; so seriously that she goes straight to the telephone and leaks it to the Japanese agent Dragonlady (played by Heather Reese). Yes, Cookiee’s a spy!

Unfortunately for her, the phone is on a party line, so when April tries to make a call herself, she overhears Cookiee’s treachery. Stunned at the discovery of her friend’s true nature, she thinks to herself just what it is that Cookiee deserves:

Video 1Video 2

But while April begins stripping for action, Cookiee and Dragonlady are ambushing an armored car manned by none other than Jesse and Noah. The soldiers end up tied to their own missile, until April comes to the rescue, dressed in the ultra-practical combat gear of bra, panties and garter belt. Cookiee gets exactly what April had in mind for her:

Video 3

And after the spanking, she’s tied to the missile and launched into space while April and the boys go off in pursuit of Dragonlady, who is caught and locked up but, regrettably, not spanked.

But never mind, the video does feature two spanking sequences already, with a total of seven smacks seen to land on the seat of Cookiee’s black panties. Though if you look closely you can see that in both shots Cookiee has an identical twist in her garter belt, betraying the fact that they were both done in a single session. That’s why the second spanking – the ‘real-life’ one – is presented in extreme close-up: it was shot in the studio along with the first, ‘imaginary’ spanking, but is supposed to be taking place outside, so zooming in conceals the anomalous background.

And now… the video!

For more of Jesse and Noah, please visit their website.

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