Photographer of the Week: Johanna Vari


Johanna Vari is based in Budapest, where her firm is called Yohee Art – from her childhood nickname, Johi.

She’s been a professional photographer since 2011, but she’s also modeled for other snappers, among them Laszlo Weisz, of whom we shall see more later. Here she is on the model’s side of the camera.


Photography is her love, but only her secondary job. By day, she’s a healthcare worker, so her models can expect to receive informed advice on their posture!


You can tell she has an eye for glamor…


… but what most interests her is the artistic side of photography (she was a lover of fantasy art in her youth), so she brings a special imaginative flair to the usual commercial work of wedding, family and product photography. And also to less humdrum projects…


Not at all humdrum was a shoot in 2012 featuring the tattooed glamor model Monika Herman. Here she is:


And here she is in costume for the shoot.


Her costar was none other than Johanna’s fellow photographer Laszlo Weisz. And he’s scary. Not just because of his elf outfit…


If you are interested in Johanna’s work, please visit her website.

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