Last Christmas

As we gear up for another year of seasonal spanking, let’s look back at what Santa and his minions got up to over Christmas 2015. Some websites offer a sleigh tracker on Christmas Eve to follow the jolly old guy’s progress on his mission to deliver presents to the deserving children of the world. But he has another, equally vital mission. So here we’re not going to bother with the delivery of doll’s houses and train sets to all those good little girls and boys. We’re going to follow him across the world as he administers some well-deserved spankings to naughty big girls…

Santa began with a visit to a birthday party in York, England. Unfortunately the picture showing what he did seems to have been snapped by elves…

2015 York

His next port of call was the Alberts Schloss nightclub in Manchester, and he had come armed:

2015 Alberts Schloss 01

And he was ready to use it too:

2015 Alberts Schloss 02

He also had a call to pay in Edinburgh, on Miss Vicki:


Whilst crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Santa had a stopoff on the island of Fuerteventura:

2015 Fuerteventura

On Long Island:

2015 EER eddies icecream

In Brooklyn, photographer Kat (who also appears in the picture) says it was just an ordinary day at work for her:

2015 Kat Bret

Still in Brooklyn, burlesque dancer Minx Arcana got what she wanted for Christmas:

2015 Minx Arcana

And before leaving the state of New York, Santa attended the 50-year reunion of the Olean High School Class of ’65, and proved that a naughty girl is never too old to be spanked:

2015 Olean HS Class of 65

Santa couldn’t make it to Philadelphia, so he sent a deputy:

2015 Tattooed Mom

The Krampus then went on to Charleston:

2015 Sarah Fox

Meanwhile Santa had a date in Tennessee with model Sonja Bandolik:


Spank me in St Louis? Santa can oblige:

2015 Michele diBernardo 22015 Michele diBernardo 12015 Michele diBernardo 3a

On to Kansas City, Missouri:

2015 Dave Michael spanks Ally Lyn

A little job in Quitman, Arkansas:

2015 Lorea Henderson

Dallas, Texas, was next on his itinerary:

Mark Kaplan 2015

Lots of spankings were due in Texas! In Houston, comedienne Kiki Maroon found that meeting Santa was no laughing matter:


And over to Austin:


Followed by San Antonio:

2015 Erica Force

And now right down to Pharr on the border with Mexico:

2015 Ronnie Valdez

In Grand Junction, Colorado, the girls are so naughty that the Uncanny Valley art gallery didn’t even bother inviting Santa:

Brooke Lucas krampus 2015 booth Uncanny ValleyBrooke Lucas Krampus booth 2015

Into the state of California, where Santa called in at the San Diego Burlesque, and gave dancer Di’ Lovely reason to regret not wearing proper panties:

2015 San Diego Burlesque Di' Lovely

Next stop Long Beach, where, we are told, roller girl Mimi Masher had been naughty all year:

2015 Mimi Masher

Straight on to Los Angeles, another place where inadequate coverage seems to be a problem:

2015 Bearded Hoonigan

Up to Agoura Hills:

2015 Miyoko

Onto the Oregon trail now:

2015 Kayla Mae

In Vancouver, Daniella Maria was a naughty dancer:

2015 Daniella Maria

And Vancouver was a busy stop for Santa, because it’s the home of Sin City, where there’s a predictable abundance of naughty girls:

Vancouver Santa 1Vancouver Santa 2Vancouver Santa 3

No surprise, then, that Santa needed to enlist the aid of his scary helper:

Vancouver Krampus 1Vancouver Krampus 2

Santa’s now traveling back east. He has a couple calls to pay in Ontario:

2015 Samantha Sloan Lorenz2015 Sizzle Koi

Now back across the border into Michigan. Santa must have been getting tired by now, because it was the Krampus who handled matters at the Spiral Dance Bar, Lansing:

2015 Spiral Dance Bar Lansing Melissa Kim spanks Ashley Shepherd photo by Kendall Lartigue

And he let Detroit record producer Nik:11 off lightly with just a smacked bottom:

2015 Nik 11 musician

And it seems he’s still tired in Ohio:

2015 emily diviak of enon ohio

At least he can now have a long rest before Christmas 2016! But there is an appendix to the story. Santa may have accredited deputies like the Krampus, but he also has people who try to pass themselves off as him. One such naughty girl was found out in Essex, England, and the inevitable consequence was…

2015 Leanne Lucas of Braintree Essex

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